Andrew Muir · online portfolio
3d Models, Texturing, Concept Art


Welcome to my online portfolio. This website hosts some of my game art and concept designs. Most of the artwork shown here is created on a computer in either Photoshop, 3D studio max or Mudbox. All 3d models are created from my own designs unless stated otherwise.


Residence: New Zealand
Skills: Low poly 3d modeling, high poly sculpting, texturing, concept art.
Occupation: 3d artist.
Likes: Art, percussion, stand-up comedy, video games.

Links + Misc_________


PS screenshot - Here's a shot of how I have Photoshop setup. It shows all my lovely brushes, actions and hints at some useful layer tricks for making textures. I'll probably write a tutorial later explaining these.

Seamless Tilling Texture tutorial - How to prep an image for tiling and how to use a free plugin called Seamless Workshop (link below).

Plugins and Scripts I use:

Seamless Workshop Tiling Photoshop filter
Polyboost 3D Max plugin
MicroCAN UV Help UV relaxer maxscript
NVidia Tools Normal Map Filter